The Luxury Hall is a South Australian business started up from just a hobby and passionate interest for pre-loved luxury bags between two cousins. Unhappy with the number of counterfeit items for sale in the Australian pre-loved market, we decided to create a 100% guaranteed authentic online platform for Australians to buy and sell their luxury goods. 

The Luxury Hall is always sourcing exclusive luxury items and believe it is important that all these special items are utilised to their fullest.  Every time you purchase, you are guaranteed 100% authenticity for each and every purchase, ensuring you have complete peace of mind.  

Supporting sustainable methods of shopping is something very important to us - mindful shopping where if you don’t find use in an item, you can then pass it on for someone else to love. In turn, this supports a circular economy in Australia for luxury goods where we hope to minimise waste and recover the full value of exquisite and timeless luxury goods.   

We sincerely thank you for being part of The Luxury Hall journey and community!

- J & C xx